Thursday, 1 April 2010

MAC lipstick favourites

Being more of a lipgloss girl I don't buy many lipsticks but something about the MAC ones appeal to me, could be all the hype but I like to think I am just fashionable!

At £12.50 each they fall in the middle range price bracket, but I do think they are great quality. The pigment is strong, they go on smooth and don't offend my scense of smell. I find them rich and creamy with great coverage.

I have 4 favourites, these ones I go back to time and time again and will most likely repeat purchase when neccessary.

My all time favourite is 'Angel', I kept seeing this light pink shade pop up with Kim Kardashian make-up breakdowns and as I LOVE her look it went on my wishlist.  It is a perfect  everyday shade and compliments a smokey eye for the evening.

'Blankety' is a great nude colour for me, not the most exciting colour in the World but it serves a purpose in my make-up collection. With the slightest hint of pink tones it becomes a wearable colour on me...most nudes are just too brown and muddy for my liking. Again, this looks great with dark eyes.

Next up is 'Girl About Town', bright, fun and just a very happy pink shade that actually looke a little red in the shell  picture I took so used this picture instead for a truer colour   I had to get this after seeing how fabulous it looked  on 'JuicyTuesday' ( Was a little afraid  when it arrived, not a shade I would wear casually everyday but it looks hot in the evening or in the summer . I prefer to pair it with more tonned down eyes, personally I would feel too tarty with dramatic eyes and lips!  If you are on the look-out for a flirty, bold pink then 'Girl About Town' is for you!

Finally, the classic 'Russian Red'.....have worn this twice in a year but still a ravishing colour to have in never know when you might have a hot date, and this is the perfect hot date lipstick.  It is described by MAC as a MATTE but personally I find it creamy with a slight sheen.  The first time I put this on freehand it looked like a child had done it. You really should line your lips and use a lipstick brush with this colour to get a neat lips are not very forgiving if not applied with a steady hand.
Apparently Madonna chose this lipstick for her  Blonde Ambition Tour and she looked hot as hell, if it is good enough for Madge, it is good enough for me!

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