Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Loving Lancome!

I had only ever used the Lancome Juicy Tubes  but having heard lots of great things about their Hypnose mascara it was addred to my 'want' list. Then Lorraine (CurrentCustom/boobies fame) showed her daily make-up routine and it included the Artliner.  So of course that too went on my never ending list!

Debenhams had a 25% off promotion last week and Lancome had a free gift giveaway if you purchased 2 items. Well it would have be rude of me to say no!

Being a big fan of the Angelina Jolie 'cat-flick' look I have always been fraustrated that I could not achieve a similar look. Tried pencils, gel, liquid products but they either took me ages to attempt or they were wonky so I decided the look was obviously  not meant for me.

I purchased the EYEKO graffiti liner and found it great for lining my lid but still could not acieve a winged look that was even. With the skill I am sure you could use this much cheaper product and get the same look but I am rubbish at draawing lines! Also after a few weeks of owning (eyeko) it I found the ink was much more grey and  seems a little patchy. It looks like a felt tip pen so I guess just like them it has a shelf-life.

So back to the is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  This morning I sat down to use it with the usual fear I have of hating a product I really wanna love, but it was so simple to apply! The nib seems to be flexable therefore it glides nicely, perfect product flow and I managed a flick first time!! I am kicking myself for not having a camera with me right no as knowing my luck this will never happen again.  I managed to get my second eye equal and it looks pretty good...and I don't even think it looks out of place in the daytime.  Although it is on the expensive side for a liner I do think it is worth it at the moment, lasted a few hours so far on my eyes. I just hope the product lasts in the tube without changing colour or texture.

As I said I also got the Hypnose mascara, so far so good...I like to give mascara a few goes in different conditions etc before making up my mind but on first look it went on easily, no clumps and my lashes do look lovely, long and glossy...but we will see.

Always love a free gift, it included-

* 2ml Hypnose Drama mascara

* 3ml   Youth activating eye concentrate

* 5ml  Youth activating face concentrate

* 15ml Renergie Lift Volumetry - lifting and shaping cream

* 125ml Galateis Douceur - Gentle softening eye and face cleansing fluid

* Half penzil size Le Crayon Khol Noir

* 7ml Juicy Tube

After using the cleanising fluid and cream my skin felt a little uncomfortable with a warm sensation, thought 'I won't be using that again' but when I woke up  my skin looked good. I could see all the make-up had been taken off and it looked healthy and rested.  Definately going to use it and see if the inital feeling goes away with time.

Really excited by these items, always nice when products live up to your high expectations!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Yu-Be my new hero product!

While browsing on I came across a product called 'Yu-Be', the number 1 selling medicated, moisturizing vitamin-enriched skin cream in Japan, that claimsto  help treat chapped lips, cracked heels, severe dry skin, burns, cuticles etc. I had extremely dry lips at the time and nothing seemed to help, so thought I would give this product a go. Although I was hesitant as it seemed to promise the same things as Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream which I really dislike. I know it is a hero product for many but I just found it sticky, smelly and not that agreeable at all. The 'Yu-Be' definately has a distinctive scent but it does not annoy me...and a strong scent can make an amazing result void in my opinion.

'Yu-Be' is a  very creamy, yellow instantly feel how moisturizing it is and it leaves no sticky residue to annoy me.  It helped my lips without drying them out further like many chapped lips products, I used it on a stubborn dry patch on my face and within one night it was much better by the second it was gone.

I had a tiny burn caused by spitting oil and after runnning my hand under cold water I applied 'Yu-Be' took that killer burn feeling away and soothed the skin. I just pop the tube in my make-up bag so it is always with me, at £12 for 33g it is good value as you only need a small amount at a time.

Thought I would blog about it as I had not come across it before, there might be others out there that like me did not like the 8 hr is a fabulous alternative.

Check out for more information.

Monday, 10 May 2010

MAC- To the Beach Buys

Finally my order came! I ordered in the early hours of last Monday, usually it take 3 days to get to me in Ireland but it was a long 7 days this time. To the Beach is the first MAC collection in ages that I has had me lusting after it long before its release date. In fact I only knew it was available from MAY in the UK, no exact date so was very happy when I checked the site and there it was.

Had a hard time deciding what to go for, usually I have seen numerous reviews, swatches etc before purchasing but it was not possible this time with the collection launching in the UK first. So I came to the conclusion that none of the eyeshadows would get much wear from me, I had just ordered NARS bronzer and blusher (see post below) so they were ruled out.

In the end I went for-

*Lustre drops in 'Sun Rush'

*Bronzing Body Oil

*Lipglass in 'Flurry of Fun'

*Lipglass in 'Splashing'

*Lipstick in 'Lazy Day'

*Nail Lacquer in 'Scorcher'

All nice and pretty looking packaging...nice to have a summery colour rather than everything being dark.

On inital review I am loving 2 items,

1 I don't know what you do with it,

1 could be duped for much cheaper,

1 I am not sure if it is me

and the last 1 is a a let down...for now.

So the good- Instantly loved the lipstick, not too much of a stretch from another favourite of mine, Angel. 'Lazy Day' is a baby pink that really would be perfect to wear on a nice sunny day, feel it works best with a tan though. Might be too much for a really pale skin and be lost if you have dark skin. Gives a nice glossy finish to the lips, had to swipe it over my lips a few times to get a good colour pay-off but still a hit.

Second hit is the lipglass in 'Splashing', now I have a many blue/pink glosses, this one sits in the middle range of pink in the tube but is actually quite sheer, of course you could layer it up. Nowhere near babypink but not so deep it only works at night time.

Went for Lustre Drops in 'Sun Rush', a peachy bronze colour...they look lovely but to be honest I am not sure what I am actually meant to do with them! Thought this shade would suit my colouring best especially as I plan to pull out the fake tan soon.

Rubbed in-

Next up, 'Scorcher' Nail Lacquer, a coral/red colour that, this is a lovely colour but not as bright as I thought it would be. Whilist it is a great summer shade you could find a much cheaper dupe elsewhere...if I had tested it out instore I would not have purchased it. Oh and it definately need 2+ coats, the first coat was a watermelon shade.

I decided to go for 'Flurry of Fun' lipglass as it is not like any shade I own, MAC describes it as a Sheer sparkly peach. I was imagining peach sparkle but they are blue, this is the not sure product, just looked a bit too disco for me. I will try it again, perhaps over a lipstick...I imagine some people would look amazing wearing this but the jury is out for me.

And now for the biggest disapointment for me...the 'Bronze Body Oil', at the moment I am quite fair so maybe with a tan it would work better but it is just blah! I love a nice Tropical Island scent with this type of product but this is one has none. Of course this is a personal thing, other people might not want any scent taking away from their perfume but for me it is a must. Apart from the lack of scent, it did not do as much for my skin as I hoped for, when rubbed in it left a sheen but the colour pay-off minimal. I tried and tried to take a picture of it but could not get anything definately did not bronze my skin...I will try it again over some false tan but for now it is just a bit of a let down!

                                                                     Looks promising-
                         Rubbed in.... there is a sheen but not as much as I had hoped for what I was expecting

Over-all I am happy with my purchases, everything will definately be used but they won't make my top 10 list...I doubt I will repurchase anything. I love the lipstick and pink lipglass but will just move on to something similar, the orange packaging is great, pleased with that and as I say the items I am not sure off I will try again with different make-up, fake tan etc and I will report back any changed in my opinion of them.

Friday, 7 May 2010

NARS- Hopefully Devoted

What else is there to do on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday other than shop? Decided to pick up a few NARS items, owned Orgasm blusher years ago but was not too impressed with it which is why I have not got a clue where it is now.  Heard many beauty gurus mention 'Deep throat'  blusher and when I saw it in a duo with 'Laguna' I knew it was a sign that I had to buy it.

The set called 'Hopelessly Devoted' also included two medium lipglosses in 'Orgasm' and 'Crepuscule', bought directly from it cost £39.00.

 Box came all ripped and knocked about, ok as it was for me but would have been annoyed if it had been a gift

'Deep Throat' has not let me down, it really is a gorgeous colour and  I can see myself wearing it most days. Also very pleased with 'Laguna' bronzer, it suits my colouring and does not make me look like a oompa loompa!

The lipglosses are not exactly a hit with me yet, I would never have picked up Crepuscule on its own, it comes out as more of a lip stain. Orgasm is a nice natural pink shade but again I need to pump the wand quite a few times to achieve a glossy look.  Would love to try Turkish delight but will give these shades a go first to see if I cans take to the formula.

Orgasm on left - Crepuscule on right

I am having a love affair with Nars Sheer Glow, when I purchased my first bottle I was using fake tan on my body so wanted to match up my face and  went for 'punjab', as I have to buy online it was difficult to decide which shade was best for me. Punjab did the job well until I went back to my natural fairer complexion...felt like I had a white chest and tanned looking face using it so decided to order 'fiji'. It is in the 'lighter' shade range, in the bottle it does not look that much different from Punjab but when I applied it to my face I could see the difference. I know some people thing the sheer glow is too expensive, goes streaky etc but for me it is worth the price as I need so little of it and as long as I have a primer or MAC strobe cream on my face first it blends in really well and lasts all day.

I also had to try  'Penny lane' cream blush, it gives a nice flush of colour without looking too shiny..nice and natural, pink/nude shade

Would like to explore more NARS items,  but very happy with this lot for now.