Friday, 30 April 2010

Mixed bag with Eyeko

Many of the blogs I visit seem to have reviews on EYEKO products so I decided I needed to test out the range for myself. I decided to go for two nail polishes, 'INDIGO POLISH' and after seeing it on'POSH I wanted to pick up 'POSH POLISH'. Somewhere between thinking this and adding to my basket I ordered 'NUDE POLISH!'   Was tres annoyed at this when they arrived but it was my own silly fault.
Nude is fine, not much you can say about it did go on nicely with just one coat. However the Indigo was a nightmare! Looks a gorgeous rich navy with a slight sparkle in the bottle but one coat was streaky and the more I tried to fix it by applying another layer the worse it got. It was a very thin consistency and  not something I have the patience to try and make work.
Not convinced at all by this product, they are £4 a bottle but have had £2 bottles work much better. Will be sticking to OPI from now on!
This photo was taken seconds after the one above
On the bright side I got the 'Graffiti Eyeliner Pen' and after using it once I can say I really like it, went on smoothly, lasted and it is a nice rich black. I can see myself going back for some of the brighter shades in this item.

With this order came a free lip gloss/balm...nice round tin container, good size, was thinking what a nice gift and then I opened it. It smells like really really cheap rose oils, and feels thick, gungey and horrible! The most horrific lip gloss/balm I have ever come across! Think pink, cheap rose scented vaseline and you are pretty much on the right path to how bad it is.  So bad it is going  into the bin as I would not offend anyone enough to offer it to them!

All in all my order was hit and miss....eyeliner a definate hit and nail polish probably okay for some but not for me.

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