Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My OPI Hong Kong collection finally here!

A few posts back I mentioned ordered this collection from QVC, delivery seemed to take a little longer than usual. I finally got to test out the colours tonight and I am very glad I went for the kit.

There are 3 nail colours-
* Red My Fortune Cookie- This is a coral red tone and although I thought it would be a 'foot nail' colour I have loved wearing it on my fingernails. Very summery shade and definately new shade to my collection.

* Dim Sum Plum is a mixture of purple and fuchsia, I own a million different purple shades but this is still fresh and exciting to me. Not dying to wear it yet but I am sure it will have its moment of glory soon enough.

*Pearl of Wisdom- According to OPI "Smart girls choose this lustrous pearl shade " which is obviously true!  This is a  must-have, easy to splash dash in a rush kind of colour. I have read some reviews which stated it gave no colour to the nail but with 2 coats I definately got the 'pearl' vibe from it. Just a classic girly colour to have in your collection.
Along with these 3 colours came a nail oil in a handy tube which is very convienent to just throw in your handbag.

As you can see from the pictures I am not the neatest nail painter, I blame it on have small nail beds but probably more to do with my lack of patience.  Included in the kit was a corrector pen, I had recently run out of Leighton Denny's corrector fluid so was looking forward to trying this. I thought with it being in a pen form it too would be handy to carry around but I am not impressed at all. I found the nib too large and it also dried very quickly, meaning I had to constantly shake it about to get the liquid to run down to the end. I will definately be re-purchasing Leighton's product...much better.

This is them together...I think the problem is the OPI nib is not flexiable enough and you can't move around the nail with ease like with the brush from Leighton Denny

Next up was the OPI Drip Dry drops and they were up against Seche Vite, unfortunately they were not a match...I say unfortunately as I am fed up of only being able to use 1/2 a bottle of seche Vite and then find it is thick and gunky. I recently heard you can buy a thinner for this and will try and give that a go.
The Drip dry drops did help the drying process but not in the same time frame as Seche Vite...I also found they made the colour duller. Maybe I am just spoilt with the glossy finish from Seche Vite but I will use up the OPI product as I have it but I will not be getting it again, back to Seche Vite I go!

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