Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shopping at Superdrug is dangerous!

I went online to order 2 boxes of hair dye and end up with much, much more. Please tell me I am not alone and most of you get sucked into '2 for 1' deals, 'buy one get one free' and the bargain bin! In my defence the subtotal was £50.04 but with discounts I paid £37.84...bargain!

I went for the Clariol 'Perfect 10' colour...can't say I am all that impressed by it. So many people love it as a brand but I have had much better results with L'Oreal hair dyes. Needed cotton wool pads so got 2 for 1, then the Samy hairspray fell into my basket too. It is maximum hold and it truly is...too strong for the ends of my hair, gives that crispy look but brilliant for backcombing and giving a bit of height on the crown.
Been on the look-out for a eye make-up remover, love my Elemis cleanser but feel I rub too much at my eyes with it so when I noticed this Garnier one I thought I might as well try it and get 1 free. It does remove my eye make-up without any sensitivity BUT the lid makes me mad. The bottle is the perfect size to take with you if you are away from home but the lid has a flip that sticks out and is so easily opened therefore spilling out. Would not last five minutes in my bag! 
Next came the lipstick....Revlon had a 'buy 3 get cheapest free', I was sucked in and decided to get three lipsticks. Not really the biggest lip stick wearer...usually stick to MAC but these have really opened my eyes. Last and very much last I went for a L'oreal 6 hHR Glam shine in 'Golden Tattoo', it was in the sale section and I used to have a L'oreal nude gloss that I loved....unfortunately this one is nothing like that much loved one. HATE this product!!  Goes on nice and natural  but smelt weird and within 30 minutes it felt tacky and gunky on my lips.  It does not last on my lips for long at all. Would much rather re-apply lipgloss than wear this horrible stuff.

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