Sunday, 18 April 2010

Time to break out the Havaianas!!!

My feet are doing a happy ask why?  The sun has come out and that means it is time for me to raid my wardrobe and find my  faithful Havaianas!

Was never a fan of the 'thong' style flip flops....nothing can wipe away the memories of  childhood spent with blisters between my toes where the thong would rub the skin raw. So I avoided that style until last Summer when  I needed new summer footwear and was unhappy with the sandals I kept buying.  Then I came across an article about havaianas in a magazine...there name was new to me but the style was not. For years I had noticed Jennifer Aniston sporting them but thought she was just lucky they did not  rub between her toes. 

Jen arrives in gorgeous heels......

But has to admit defeat and changes into her comfy havaianas!

Next, I came across them again in a sale, so I thought what the heck and ordered a pair. They felt amazing from the first wear, comortable between the toes, nice and spongy sole and they did not make that annoying 'flip flop' everyone can hear you coming before seeing you noise!

They are a basic looking flip flop, although you can get them in some gorgeous fun colours...they are simple but do the job they are made for perfectly.

I practically lived in them all Summer, after packing a stupid amount of shoes for my holiday to Nice I ended up wearing my Havaianas all the time.

So if you want to treat your feet, go by some will not regret it!

P.S...Even Lorraine aka The Current Boobies wears these and we all know she has great taste!  (

My Havaianas get the 'toes up!"

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