Thursday, 29 April 2010

Strawberries please...and Orchids and Amethyst!

Yesterday I noticed a tweet from make-up genius Lisa Eldrige that made me very happy, she was raving about a lipstick that I already own. Okay I it has been in my hands for a few days but it is very rare  that when one of the gurus I follow mentions a product, especially lipstick, I have it in my collection.
The lipstick in question is Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede and it just squeals 'Summertime!' I find red too hard to wear during the day but this shade is perfect for me, it has slight orange undertones and with being a matte it is toned down, not super-glossy 'look at me!'. Usually Matte equals drying on me but so far I have found this lipstick moisturizing and it manages to stay vibrant throughout wear. Very pleased with this purchase and plan to pair it with natural eyes and cheeks throughout the Summer.

Here is a link to the wonderful Lisa Eldridge's website, go have a look her videos are amazing!

I also picked out two other Revlon colours in a 'buy 3 get cheapest free' deal, they each cost just over £6 from Superdrug.

The other two I picked are from the 'Super Lustrous' range, 'Wild Orchid' is a pinky/purple shade, it really does appear luscious on the lips. Rich and glossy with great staying power and this shade is AMAZING for those of us with blue eyes. I tried it on and my eyes seemed to go 'pop!' As with the three Revlon colours it is build-able and you could apply it lightly for day wear.

This picture demostrates the depth of colour these lipsticks have...a bit more light and you can see the purple tones
Below is the colour lightly dabbed on with my finger..very versatile!

'Amethyst Shell' was my third colour choice, a soft everyday pink shade.
There does appear to be a silver sheen to this one which is perfect for giving a nice 'pouty' look.

Very happy I went for these colours, knew nothing about them before eyeing them
                                                   Great price and fab quality!
L-R 'Amethyst Shell' , 'Wild Orchid' , Strawberry Suede


  1. Love the Strawberry color! It looks amazing! I may have to get that.

  2. Brandi it is a gorgeous colour!!!