Saturday, 10 April 2010

Revitalash® rocks my World!

Revitalash® is just one eyelash conditioner in a World of many, but at this moment it is also my favourite. Big statement to make but also one I feel I can truthfully  make after trying out  many of them.

Long story short; From my early teens I have had eyelash loss issues, now I am not talking about a few lashes. At least  2 or 3 times a year my eyelid become itchy, swollen and inflamed...this is obviously uncomfortable so I tend to rub them and that leads to my eyelashes falling out. It starts with the outer edge and then works its way along leaving me with NO eyelashes, only swollen, red eyelids.  The pain is one thing but in terms of vanity I find it very difficult, for the first few days I can put no cosmetics near the area but then I can do some magic with eyeliner and and give the illusion of eyelashes.

Next my attention turns to helping the growth process with an eyelash conditioner of which I have owned many..Jan Marini, Talika Lipocils, Michael dicesare aquabiotic. I do think the Jan Marini eyelash intervention is amazing but at RRP £95 I found it expensive and when I kept reading negative comments about the ingredients it did make me move on and find something else.

  In this picture only 1/3 of top eyelashes are intact...the rest of them have fallen out.

This is about 2 months later..full row of eyelashes (amd make-up!)

That 'something else' was Revitalash®,  it too has a high RRP but I found it much easier to come across at a lower price.  I have paid as high as £68 and as low as £60, unfortunately the shop I purchased it from last time is no longer in business but after a quick Google search I found it for a similar price. Obviously be aware that if a price looks too good to be true it probably is...I am dubious of unauthorized resellers of which there are many, especially when it comes to something that is going so close to my eyes.

At first I thought it was just another expensive product, all hype no action but I kept applying it religiously and suddenly my lashes started to regrow after a few weeks. Now, of course they would start to grow naturally anyway but the difference between using  this product and none is huge! Last year I had run out of it and just let my lashes come through on there own, they were thin, bent and patchy. When I use Revitalash® they grow nice and thick with the natural curve...they can grow fantastically long...and then  I lose them again but that is the negative side of my eyelashes. 

Some eyelash growth products stung my eyes...almost feeling like a burning sensation but I have never had this problem with Revitalash®, touch wood.

One tube, applied every night lasts me at least 3 months...although I have got much longer out of it when my lashes are behaving themselves.

So there you have it...from someone with extensive eyelash loss a thumbs up for Revitalash® and no I have not been sent this product...I wish!

And this is The RevitaLash® Story

"It all began because a husband wanted to give his wife a very special gift…

Revitalash® was developed by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff as a special gift for his wife, Gayle, while she was recovering from breast cancer. Intensive chemotherapy treatments had damaged Gayle’s once-beautiful eyelashes, leaving them sparse, breakable and fragile.

After extensive research with a team of talented cosmetic chemists, Dr. Brinkenhoff formulated an eyelash conditioner that, after just a few weeks, gave a renewed look of vitality to Gayle’s eyelashes.

Soon friends and family wanted to know Gayle’s secret to beautiful looking eyelashes. Gayle knew immediately the perfect name for the amazing eyelash conditioner that had given her eyelashes a renewed look of vitality: Revitalash®.

Thus, a new product was born; and a formula created originally for just one special woman has become a product available to women everywhere who want to have beautiful looking eyelashes.

Gayle and Michael are committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from RevitaLash® sales to benefit non-profit breast cancer research and education initiatives."

“Often we feel helpless when someone we love is suffering. I am very fortunate, in my own small way, to have been able to help Gayle through her recovery. Watching her be excited about her beautiful looking eyelashes has been a real joy.”

— Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D.

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