Friday, 20 July 2012

REVIEW - Sleep-In Rollers

Last night I decided to get my latest purchase out and give them a go, you may have spotted these pink velcro rollers in various ladies from'The Only Way Is Essex' locks.

As the name suggests they can be worn overnight, not going to get into the science but according to their website they are 'designed to flatten like a sponge when you lay down, letting you sleep in comfort and wake-up to hair with body and bounce!'

Well, thats the theory anyway!!!

My experience was very different, I put them in at 7.30pm last night and tried to sleep from 10.30pm but it was just not happening. The velcro roller was digging into my scalp and my neck was sore from all the adjusting of my head I was doing to get myself comfortable. I had had enough,11.30pm came and they were out...I know women will suffer for their beauty but this was just too much!

I have seen so many reviews and comments saying they were very comfortable, and I would have a high pain threshold but this was too much for me.

When I took them out my hair had height but not bouncy curls, to give a true review I have to say my natural hair is poker straight so I did not expect luscious curls in the first place.

This morning when I woke up my hair was just back to being flat again...a waste of 4 hours one of which drove me crazy!


* A packet of 20 sleep-in rollers cost £17.95, on 6 generic extra large rollers cost £ in terms of price they are on par IF you need 20 rollers. If you have short hair then I would just buy a few packets of the Boots rollers.

* They are pink! Sad but this bright, girly colour pleased me!


* They hurt like a biatch! * Unless I have delicate scalp my experience was they hurt...not screaming in agony hurt but just a uncomftorable, nagging feeling that did not produce any amazing results.


They are a fun accessory to have, if you like to keep up with the likes of Amy Childs then why not get might be jammy enough that your hair takes a curl well and you don't have to keep them in overnight...a few hours may be enough for you if you are a lucky so-and-so. If you have the money I would say go for them but don't be fooled by the name or description...comfortable sponges these are not!

Watch my video review at

I purchased a bag of 20 rollers online at

Have a great Friday night!
Emma X

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