Saturday, 28 July 2012

Baking up a storm!

I started a new chapter in my life this week and started to live alone, but I have been far from lonely. It is lovely to please yourself, leave something down and come back to it without it being moved and also I can bake at 11pm if the mood takes me...and it did!!

Baking is a huge passion of mine so really got stuck in this week, I posted a couple of pictures on twitter of my chocolate cupcakes. I don't eat sweet
things myself for dietary reasons but my family enjoyed them and as there are none left I must have done something right.

I love to change up the colour of the buttercream icing, Monday was a purple day and Tuesday was a pink one...just adds some personality to them.

I am cooking a Roast beef dinner as we speak, as a vegetarian I don't mind preparing meat but it makes me anxious as I obviously can't taste it to check if it is ready. have put my faith into Jamie Oliver's 'perfect roast'...he better not let me down!!

They are having roasted carrots, onion and parsnip with thyme, baby potatoes tossed in butter along with garlic mushrooms. As I am typing this I have remembered the yorkshire puddings!!!!! They won't take long to make anyway but would have been annoyed had they my guests arrived and I had no yorkshires made!

For desert I have a tall glass filled with layers of custard, cream, raspberries and brownie crumble that I baked yesterday...looks good if I do say so myself!

Tuesday night I made pizza for the family, so easy to make from scratch and totally worth the effort of making your own dough. A loaf of white bread and potato bread round up my week of baking...everyone who visits jokes they leave having gained weight, I can't help it I love looking after people. My dream is to be a domestic Goddess!

Right, better go, I have batter to make!

Have a lovely Weekend!
Emma X

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