Saturday, 21 July 2012

Review: ESSIE Nail Polish

No matter how hard I try I just can't fall in love with Essie nail polish, I desperately want too but the formula and me do not get on at all.
'VAN D'GO' was the first colour I tried, I came across some gorgeous blog pictures of it and thought it was definitely a 'me' colour. Most people would describe it as a creamy pink with a hint of peach but on my nails it looks predominately a weird peachy colour that does nothing for my finger nails at all! I have tried a couple thin coats, one thick coat and it still streaks like mad.

During my quest for the perfect nude shade I picked up 'TOPLESS & BAREFOOT', in the bottle it reminds me of hazelnut yoghurt but on my finger it is another story all together. It just looks 'blah', I have tried it when wearing faux tan as first time around I thought it was my pale skin washing the colour of the polish out but tan did not help. It reminded me of the consistency of tipex...not a good look!
I love the Essie bottle, very feminine and cute, also I see so many swatches online that look amazing but the formula is streaks no matter how I apply it. Also I find the slightest touch of a drying nail and the colour is off, you can see in the picture 5 minutes after I applied it I accidentally touched the nail with my finger and off it came. I even found when I went over the colour with 'seche-vite' it streaked even more.

Perhaps Essie darker shades are better? I am wary of buying another bottle but cant seem to stop looking at the range whenever I am in Boots and 'PENNY TALK' has really gotten into my head...perhaps I should test it out in the shop and see what the consistency is like, see there I go talking myself into another ESSIE polish!!
Emma <3 X
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  1. Topless & Barefoot looks gorgeous! Love your description of it :D

    Essie has some stunning shades but yaaar, have to agree, the formula is NAFF! xo