Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sparkling Pretty things!

If you are anything like me then a bit of bling in your life is essential! Whilist watching, and secretly enjoying, Celebrity Big Brother I could not help but notice the beautiful jewellery Georgia Salpa was sporting.

Now I know she got a lot of flak from housemates and the media for being 'dull' but her hair, make-up, outfits and bling was more than enough to keep me interested. After a simple google search I tracked down her jewellery and was very pleased to find the talent behind it was infact a Irish accessory boutique

I was hesitant at first to order for the simple reason my average sized wrist always seems to be too big for standard sized bangles. I was assured the bangles could be returned and the lovely people at Crystals and co could order a larger size or a smaller if needed.

I decided to go for two thin bangles, my first colour choice was gold and the second was light peach. Being an Irish company the price was in euros but with the currency rate they worked out at £22 each and I am pleased to say it was money well spent!

As I mentioned, bangles usually do not fit me, I have spent a small fortune on tiny, tacky bangles over the years were after one wear the crystals are falling off. These fit me perfectly and the blig factor is definitely there...cant stop looking at these pretty bangles in the light!

Did I mention the cheeky pair of clear Austrian Crystal studs I added to order (!?!) well it had to be done and they are amazing, wore them twice and had many compliments. At £13.50 they are a substantial size too.

*Excuse the picture of me, taken after a long day! Just wanted to show size of the earring.

My order came in three days and was very nicely packaged....had planned to take a picture of this but on arrival I got too excited and ripped the tissue paper off!

Not one negative to report, have been back on the website drooling over the Kim Kardashian-esque earrings, only thing that has stopped me ordering more is the popularity of these earrings means there is a waitlist for them. The Candy nudes set will be mine too, looking forward to the Summer nights out with a bit of colour on my arms and these bangles blinding everyone with bling.

And look at the gorgeous colour them all!!

*Picture courtesy of facebook page

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