Saturday, 21 January 2012

Salt Brushing Rocks!

My itroduction to 'Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing' was courtesy of a beauty box (don't ask me which one, currently subscribed to four and not a clue who sent what!) At first sight of the two sachets I was disapointed, thinking it was another body product I would never use...or so I thought.

A 50g sachet does me once using it all over my body and it was a instant hit. I purchased the 500g tub from Debenhams for £13.40, you may be able to find it elsewhere for less but I wanted to use and earn my beauty points.

The citrus smelling salt is rubbed on to dry skin in circular motions, you can feel it working but the grains are not harsh like some previous scrubs I have used. Another big thumbs up from me is the salt does not settle at the bottom of my bath tub, have had that happen before and it is like sitting on glass shards.

Once dried your skin is like new, it really helped with a few winter bumps I get on the tops of my arms and leaves behind silky skin. I actually feel like I have moisturised it, this must be the work of the coconut oil in it, an amazing ingredient.

Spa Magik say of their brand,

"We blend mud, salt and mineral extracts from the depths of the Dead Sea to deeply hydrate, repair and soothe your body and mind. Enjoy..."

And I definitely enjoyed this scrub, they have a whole array of items icluding shower gel and body lotion. Not had a chance to try these yet, will make it my mission to do so!

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