Monday, 13 February 2012

I want Nails to Envy!

My grandmother had the most beautiful, long fingernails that I always admired, she passed these on to her daughter and also my sister, even my dad has to cut his nails all the time as they grow so fast and are super strong. Unfortunately, I never inhertited them, instead I have small nailbeds which home flaky, thin nails.

The complete truth is I also abuse my nails, it is a disgusting habit but I have been known to bite them...yuck! I came across OPI Nail Envy a few years ago but never put it to the test, as in I used it once in a blue moon and expected to wake up one morning wih talons!

As a nail strengthener it needs to be applied every other day to help weak, damaged nails grow strong and long. I have high hopes for this product purely based on many rave reviews and figure if I have to post update pictures I may not be so tempted to have a nibble!!

So here is my horrible little nails today...will follow the directions and see how they look next week.
As per usual I left my nails alone for a week then had a litle nibble...maybe I need to embrace short nails!

Do you have any tips or products for achieving long and strong nails?

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