Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Happy 29th Birthday!!

Sunday 15th August was my 29th Birthday, I had been dreading it for months but it was actually a great day and I survived!  There is a certain sadness knowing you will never have another 20 something birthday, to me being in your 20's is still 'young' so I did dreaded this day coming around.

As a child I always thought I would get married and have children in my 20's, so to reach 29 with neither really tugged at my heart strings and left me quite tearful....then one  night on Facebook I saw lots of girls I grew up with moaning about their children/husbands, basically sounding  like 'fishwives' and I suddenly snapped out of it!

I have my 30's for babies....infact I think 45 is the cut off point so I have 16 years to meet a hot millionaire, persuade him to marry me and have children. Actually I would love to adopt but that is another story!

Decided I just wanted a quiet family day, so off we all went to my sisters house for chinese take-away, food, gifts, laughter and no fighting!  I  feel uncomfortable receiving gifts, I just hate being the centre of attention but this year it was fine...the gifts were spread out during the day which made it enjoyable.  My parents, aunts etc gave me cash gifts, I  prefer this as I can save some and also buy things I really need...make-up obviously!

Every gift I got was special but some are more relevant to this blog.

My brother and his fiancee got me a gorgeous black 'pauls Boutique' bag and purse, really fun items that I will get lots of use out of. They also had a purple shawl, lipglosses and trinkets for me, very generous of them especially as they have their own home now and a wedding to save for.

My sister got me a  gorgeous necklace and some MAC items, she asked what I wanted and I said "make-up" but she chose MAC and the items herself.  Three items were 'Gold Deposit' MSF, 'Band of Roses' blush duo and 'Dare to dare' lipglass.

I REALLY loved the look of the lipglass when it was released but knew I could not order one item from MAC so did not get it, it is a gorgeous bright pink shade with blue undertones...looks and feels nice on the lips.

Gold Deposit is not a subtle gold, definately a MSF for when I have a tan but a little bit on cheekbones looks lovely.

Band of Roses was another story, I put far too much on and looked like Aunt Sally!! (British tv character)

A little of this blush goes a long long way but once you get the amount right it looks lovely and fresh.

Had so many lovely gifts I would be here all day showing you them, appreciated them all and thank you to everyone who tweeted birthday wishes....that was a lovely touch!

So, turning 29 was not THAT bad, lets hope 30 is as easy!

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