Monday, 2 August 2010

Benefit dupe for Tom Ford

Last week I mentioned that I had ordered a Tom Ford lipstick, it had been on my 'want list' for a while and I was so excited to have my hands on it. The packaging did not disappoint, it was weighty and I loved the gold and white colour scheme.

Unfortunately my excitement soon faded, after a quick swatch on my hand I recognised the colour, in fact I had wore it a few days before in the form of Benefits 'Sassy-Frass'.  Tom Ford lipstick cost £35 compared to Benefits £13....£22 difference!!

To say I was annoyed is an understatement of the century, reading the online swatches and discription 'Moroccan Rouge' sounded much darker and the texture was depictated as being totally luxurious. Personally I found it a little uneven to apply, maybe a little too thick to spread.

Sassy-frass has a gloss like feel on the lips, perhaps it does have a slight sheen but it is not detectable to others. When I asked a friend if she liked my lipstick she said "that's the Benefit one". Aaaah NO! It is my new one I paid £35 for!!!! Of course I did not tell her how much it cost...felt silly enough without hearing it from anyone else.

So there you have it, if you like the look of 'Moroccan Rouge' save your pounds and go for 'Sassy Frass', better on your lips and definately better for your purse!

*Note to self - do not spend £35 on a lipstick you have not sampled!!

Oh the positive side I am still in love with my Jennifer Aniston perfume, perfect for me. Had comments that is is not distinctive enough for some, they prefer their perfume to hit people between the the nostrils....thats is exactly what I try to avoid so it gets  a 10/10 from me.


  1. Glad I Read your post. It's making me think twice about splurging my hard earned pennies on Tom Ford's Black Orchid lipstick. Im still curious but the price is ludicrous.


  2. @Emma...Thanks! I understand the curiosity, hard to kill but if I were you I would definately try and sample it before buying...just so you don't make the same mistake as me!!

  3. LOVE that color--thanks for posting the dupe!!!

    I passed on a blog award to you over on my blog. Please check it out when you can! Thanks! :)

  4. I've seen quite a few posts about how dissapointing Tom Ford's range of lipsticks are -and for that price! tut tut. I won't be buying.

    (ps just come across your blog, read through all your old posts - they are all fab!)

  5. @Laura- Thank you Laura, very kind of you! Have just 'followed' your blog...have some good reading for tonight!

    @Scarlett-How kind...will go check out your blog first award! :))))

  6. awesome post ,New follow hope you can stop by my blog some time =)

  7. ahhh i have been lusting over the tom ford one for ages now! definately going to check the benefit lipstick out now! Thanks for that!

    Dan x