Tuesday, 27 July 2010

If you like Philosophy fragrances....you will LOVE Jennifer Aniston's perfume!

I was in the middle of sorting out beads when the door bell  rang, I could not believe it when the delivery man handed me a 'Harrods' box as I was not expecting it to come until the end of this week at the earliest.

Obviously I dropped everything and ripped the box open and I was not let down by Miss Aniston...her fragrance is perfect for me. I am not going to pretend I know much about perfumes, I don't! As I mentioned in a previous post a strong fragrance gives me a splitting headache so I stick to the same few brands.

In the past I have used Philosophy fragrances, I find them  easy to wear BUT the scent all-too-soon fades on me meaning I go through the bottle in a flash.

I purchased the Jennifer Aniston perfume only knowing what the press release shared, it sounded like my type of thing and it is.  I have had it on for 40 minutes now, two squirts and it is still  fresh smelling, no fade, not over-powering but it is there....I feel  when  I wear some light perfumes, after the inital application  the scent all but dies instantly.

At the moment I can't put my finger on which Philosophy scent this reminds me of, might be 'Baby Grace'? Not sure, but to be fair there is not that much difference between the Philosophy Graces. The benefit of Aniston's is it will last so much longer therefore will be more cost-effective that Philosophy ;))

Jennifer's perfume is womanly, clean and gentle, nobody will smell you before seeing you...but you will feel fresh and know you, well, smell good!!

As the great lady herself said, it evokes memories of 'pure happiness'.

Perfume (EDP 85ml £36)is exclusive to Harrods

 My sneaky purchase, Tom Ford  'Moroccan Rouge' lipstick, at £35, is it worth it?  Doubt any lipstick is worth that much but it is a little bit of luxury not to be repeated any time soon.

I went for this burgandy shade as I knew it would suit my colouring, seems to brings out the blue of my eyes. Did not want to remove the 'TF' logo just yet so did a quick swatch using the back of the lipstick....I am pleased with the shade, the packaging is as gorgeous as I have heard. Will get back to you on how it feels on the lips, the most important thing!

Have any of you went for the perfume? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Sounds wonderful, I love Amazing Grace cologne, but you are right it disappears very quickly. I may have to try it. I love that color of lipstick! One of my favs and I have brown eyes and dark hair.

  2. If it smells like Baby Grace then I have to get this! I adore Philosophy scents, but I'm normally not one for celeb perfumes, I don't own any "main stream" perfumes...what to do, what to do...?!x

  3. StellieStellina...I don't own any other celeb scents, I am always sceptical that a) they have nothing to do with it and b) it is just a money spinning thing.

    Think Jennifer is a classy lady who would not need to put her name to something awful.

    So happy I took the chance, had so many compliments already!

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  5. thanks for the description for JA's perfume!

    Plan to get it for Xmas after reading your entry ;)

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