Friday, 23 July 2010

Time to cut up the credit card!!

Something about cold and wet weather leads me to spend way too much online...and this week was no exception. Now I should say that I never spend more than I have, would love too but I still have a sensible side that dishes out guilt if I try to go over a limit.

Having purchased lots of MAC make-up earlier in the month, then having my brothers birthday gift to buy I had already spent quite a bit doe-ray-me (slang for money in my World) 

 I really, really needed a new bronzer, I still love my NARS Laguna but find when I tan it is just not strong enough. So as I REALLY needed one I decided to go for Korres Monoi Bronzer in 02.Sunglow Warm shade as reccomended by Tali on her blog.  I was able to get this at ASOS for £12.75 with free delivery, was very proud of myself for not adding lots of other things to the basket, think it is the first time I have ordered one item from ASOS.

Shortly after things went down hill!

Next up MAC....Lollipop26 (blog) is a huge favourite of mine, Laura could talk about anything in a video and I would watch it. She just seems normal, she is pretty, educated, funny but she seems like the type of girl you would want as a higher than mighty attitude some gurus have.  Pretty much 99% of items I have purchased after Laura reviewed I have loved, NARS Sheer Glow was a revelation for me. Up until I tried it I hated liquid foundation with a passion, they streaked on me, rubbed off on my clothes and generally made me miserable.

Sheer Glow is fantastic but expensive for amount you get and I find it too heavy for a casual, shopping type day. When Laura gave a positive review of MAC's Face & Body I had to do a little bit more research and thought it sounded perfect. I opted for shade C3 from seeing swatches online and it turns out to be perfect for me and really looks natural, mum just said my skin looked lovely!

As it only arrived this morning it would be silly to give a final review but so far so good...really looks good, feels good and I like the value of it.

Now MAC is not a company I can just buy one item from!

As you can see I also went for,

* Prep &  Prime Face protection visage SPF50 - First reaction is how little you get for £20...felt a little thick going on but will give it a chance.

* Studio Finish Concealer - seemed to find equal hate/love reviews but took a chance on it, first try it went on smooth and did conceal my dark circles so feeling positive about it.

Brow Set in Beguile - My eyebrows are a nightmare, naturally I could give the Gallagher brothers a run for their money! I need to tidy them up daily and seem to go from too thick to too thin...constant battle that I have yet to win. This gel seems to just add a little colour and fill the shape out, perfect for lazy days.

Then Jennifer Aniston with her gorgeous blonde mane, tanned skin  and fabulous figure arrived at Harrods with her new perfume.  I can't wear heavy scents, I get a headache just walking through the perfume section on stores so the words  'beach' and 'tropical' in the description had me sold instantly.

As there was only a few pounds between the small and large EDT I opted for the large, obviously! It cost £36 which I did not think was too bad, there is no chance of me getting to London  so ordering online was my only option.

A month or so ago I tried to order Tom Ford's  Moroccan Rouge lipstick, at £35 it was a considered purchase but I had set the money aside and when I saw them on Harrods I decided it was fate.  I love nude shades too but they did not have the shade of nude I like and berry colours really suit me.

Harrods delivery is between 5-10 days so  could be a bit of a wait but hopefully it will be worth it!

In between all this spending my Visa card would not verify, panic stations!! I must have spent over limit!

In minutes I was able to see online (how did I live without it!) that I was nowhere near my limit and had paid the bill, a quick customer service call later I found out my card had been blocked. Apparently a company I used it with before had a security breach so they block cards just incase...thankfully all transactions on my account were mine and a new card is being issued. Panic over!

Had to whip out the debit card, usually save it for emergency situations, and getting my hands on a lilac headband from Lorraine's online shop was an emergency. Had been wanting to get my hands on one of these for a few months and when they went on sale it was a must-have item and at $25 it was not going to break the bank at this stage of the spending game!

Maybe I need to do a blog sale to lessen the guilt of all this spending?!
Not going to literally cut up my credit/debit card but the shame of all these parcels arriving has led me to hide it, on the upside my birthday is next month s I will not have to do without nice, shiny new items for long!


  1. Yay for face and body. I've been converted to that too by the amazing Laura.

  2. Oh it is fabulous...heard about it for years but never thought it would work for me.

    Heard some celebs use a darker shade on legs...might have to give that a go!

  3. oh lady, this made me smile (not your dispair, I hasten to add!) - I'm very guilty of desiring all the lovely products being blogged about out there - my wish list is huuuge, guess I better be a very good girl this year so I can write a massive MAC santa list, ha!

    nice blog (new follower btw, hello!)

    a x

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  4. How was the prep & prime? I like that its gt the high SPF in it. There doesn't seem to be much in the tube, I know what you mean.

    Brill_Brunette x

  5. hehe it seems you picked up my bad spending habbits too :P
    My god the worst thing is having to chose between things you want/need.. its actually painfull!!!